Cats at Rome’s Torre Argentina cat shelter.

So many blind cats and cats with neurological problems; one had pinned pupils and staggered around his cage at feeding time and another couldn’t use her back legs. The full range of cat life, meters from where Julius Caesar was killed.

five years of work selfies


My boyfriend found this joke on twitter that was (I THINK) first tweeted by @JNalv on twitter?

Anyway I had to draw it. Yes I did.

Four eels, visualized

Sex workers and legitimate experts alike were further embittered by the aforementioned Urban Institute’s laughable conclusions, which accepted outrageous brags of arrested, grandstanding pimps as truth (one claimed to make over $38,000 a week,) and uncritically announced that Atlanta, the United States’ fortieth most populous city and tenth wealthiest, has the largest sex economy.

Charlotte Shane at Jacobin about the folly of the Urban Institute study and how sex work is “hidden” until it’s time to arrest people.

There is no sex work without the city, though you aren’t likely to see much overt evidence of that today. Unless you’re a potential customer or a member of law enforcement – men whose business it is to look – people who sell sex might be invisible to you. But even in a state of crackdown, sex workers have always been able to find one another.

Melissa Gira Grant introducing her new series at the Atlantic’s Citylab.

Toronto Strippers: An Endangered Species

Why dancing naked at a bar is a declining profession in Toronto

Dancing naked in a bar is a declining profession in Toronto. In 1997, the city of Toronto issued 2,844 “burlesque entertainer” licenses, the cards that permit women and men to strip. That number has dropped by more than half. Today 1,284 people in town hold valid licenses to disrobe, paying $367.36 the first year and $258.70 to renew.

Signs of things to come.

Gentleman Snitches On Club For Not Being Gentlemanly

2 Arrested in Strip Club Prostitution Bust

Phoenix police raided a gentlemen’s club in west Phoenix and say the owner is accused of using the business as a front for prostitution.

In fact, they were initially tipped off by someone who thought he was going to a legitimate strip club.

It looks like a typical gentlemen’s club from the outside, but police say it was far from it.

God, what a narc.

I hope against hope that a network picks up this reality show about Shotgun Willie’s owner’s husband/Mayor of Glendale/Libertarian candidate for Colorado governor Mike Dunafon. I’m sad the trailer for the strip club reality show trailer got pulled but if it’s basically this video, plus a strip club, they’ve got a winner.